Survey (Tv % Film)

As a class activity, I had to be part of a class group of 3 and conduct a survey into Television % Film. And so me, Barry Witham and Harry Chhapyan created a short questionarre in which we asked the questions:

Gender? Age? How much television do you watch per week? How many televisions do you have in your house? What channels do you usually watch? What type of programmes do you tend to watch? What time of day do you usually watch television? How do you prefer to watch films? Do you tend to watch T.V./FILMS with…? Have you been to the cinema in the last month?  What was the last film you watched? Who is your favourite actress or actor?

We ventured into the scary world of outside the media department, where we asked these questions to students and members of staff. I found this to be suprisingly enjoyable, but analysing the data afterwards was rather more challenging.


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