Researching Part-time jobs

Today, I’ve researched the best ways of searching for part-time jobs, and then listed the pros and cons for each. Examples of these are:

Job agencies – Pros: Assistance finding jobs                                    Cons: Not specific, have to accept what is given

Online Websites – Pros: Wide range of jobs open                           Cons: A lot of competition as it is online

Newspapers – Pros: Available easily, there’s always jobs open    Cons: Possibility of job being not up to date


After this I went through the important things to look for while looking for part-time jobs, and jobs in general. The significant things are:



Contact Details



Experience/Skills required

Job Description


Closing time


I then did my own research online, looking for useful websites posting part-time jobs. I found Gumtree, Media Guardian, and Motiongrapher to be excellent websites as the jobs they posted had detailed job descriptions, and included all the important things, such as the salaries and contact details.

As examples, I found these pages that have current part-time job postings that I could potentially apply for.


A lot of the job postings I found were only offering minimum wage, so I did some research into the current minimum wage and living wage of the United Kingdom. I found that there are slightly different types of minimum wage, depending on the age and type of job of the individual.

For apprentices, the minimum wage is as low as £2.60, for 16-17 year olds £3.68, for 18-20s – £4.98, and the main rate for workers aged 21 or older is £6.08.

The estimated living wage however is £7.60. Which is higher than even the highest minimum wage.

The best jobs I found were the ones which required a high amount of expertise/experience which makes sense as employers would more likely be willing to pay employees who make them a greater amount of money.






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