String Theory, Upgrade, Signal Drop – A labour of oxytocin

Making a film, even a short one (and I mean really short, 90secs at most) takes time and effort. Working on my three short films for the Mofilm Barcelona and Texas competitions was no exception, as I made sure to follow through pre-production to final submission with as high a professional standard as possible. This is the story. (No, I couldn’t think of a bigger cliche.)

I first found out about the Mofilm competitions a bit over a year ago now, before I had started college and was looking for projects to work on to alleviate my extreme boredom. I knew I wanted to work on something, I just didn’t want to work on anything unless there was a clear goal/prize at the end. (A sentiment I’ve tried to keep up till now.)

I entered alone, using 3D animation software Cinema 4d, and After Effects to create a pseudo-philosophical animation about the spread of creativity around the world. Representing this was a flow of colours which ‘escapes’ from a laboratory to eventually cover the globe. Somehow I managed to get shortlisted, but didn’t win.

Refresh Invent -My entry

It did however inspire me to return to the Mofilm competition, bigger and better, this year. ( I can almost definitely promise I’ll be looking at this blog post in a year and shaking my head in profound hindsight. And then again the next year.)

Back on topic however, when the Mofilm competition came around again, I, now a college boy, went to some of my fellow media students to ask for their assistance, and gaining it, proceeded to film not one, not two but three short films to enter as a team effort.

The first film I dubbed ‘String Theory’, which I, in partnership with Barry Witham, wrote the script for. It essentially tells the story of a parallel universe, where two boys discover/invent a cup and string telephone, and start spreading the news to the rest of the ‘world’, but their utopian-istic happiness is threatened by a business man with a- you guessed it- mobile phone.

String Theory -Production Photography

The second of these rather dashing films, was named ‘Upgrade’. It follows two days in the life of a competitive young man, who starts work at a new company called ‘Progredior’ (Upgrade in Latin, I’m such a genius, I know), but finds he meets his match in a fellow office worker. I attempted to outdo myself with this film, with two confrontations and resolutions, but I’ll leave it up to audiences and Mofilm to judge whether I succeeded.

Upgrade -Production Photography

Last but not least (in fact this may be even my favourite of the three), is ‘Signal Drop’. The idea is of a man, Charlie, who gets a call from his girlfriend, Vanessa. Unfortunately for Charlie, there’s poor phone connection in his new apartment, and hilarity ensues in his attempts to find a better signal. Does his phone call end well? You’ll see.

Signal Drop -Production Photography

I strongly wish both myself and my team good luck in the competition, and I thank you, dear reader, for the 5 minutes of your time. I will update this post once I find out the results, hopefully using the wi-fi of a hotel in sunny Barcelona!


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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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