Task 2 – SWOT Analysis and 2 jobs

S.W.O.T. Analysis


A high computer literacy, with the ability to quickly understand software, and solve problems.

A broad pool of knowledge/context, sourced from a multitude of different authors, directors, artists, etc.

Ability to use efficiently professional video-editing software, such as Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premier Pro.


Tendency to continually take on new work and start new projects without proper thought to completing old projects.

Tendency to possibly get distracted when facing an overload of information.


Lots of potential clients/artists in the Medway area, who could possibly require my services creating a promotional video or music video for them.

Many film competitions constantly running, where I could potentially win and build up a portfolio of work, and presence in the television and film community.


Competition is very high concerning students/junior range individuals looking for work.

Financially unable to constantly upgrade my own software and hardware, therefore not keeping could possibly fall behind modern client requirements.


My current media-related interests are film-editing and cinematography, motion graphics, and visual effects. Non media-related interests include reading a wide variety of books, and psychology.

2 Jobs:


This job would require me to work in a post-production company, working in a crew to produce projects from capturing footage, offline editing, online editing, and finishing. In a small post-production company, this job role could also include logging, colour correcting and grading, and basic sound design. The larger the company, the more chance of the editor having assistants, and other departments to work with, such as a sound editor, or a colour grader.

The job of a film-editor would be suitable for me because I have a sufficient knowledge of the professional software used in film-editing, and understand the process from beginning through to completion. I have access to equipment both at college and at home, this enables me to also work freelance, where the client doesn’t provide a studio for me to work in.

Retail – Creative/Digital Department

This job would require me to work in the creative and/or digital department of a retail store, explaining the pros and cons of products, providing on-one-one training, conducting presentations and workshops, and showing customers basic computing skills.

The job of working in a retail store would be suitable for me because I have a high computer literacy, especially with digital creative tools, and I ‘create and edit digital media’. As I already have an extensive pool of knowledge/context, I would be able to interact with people from a broad range of backgrounds, and easily build relationships with them.


Peer reviewed by Barry Witham


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