Task 3 – 3 Job Vacancies

3 Sources of Job Vacancies

1. Company Websites

Sites such as (jobs.apple.com) and (http://www.jlpjobs.com/), are useful sources when searching for jobs that are relevant to my chosen job of a working in retail (creative/digital department), because they are specific to particular companies, and are able to be ordered by location or job title. For example, I can view only jobs in I.T. and in my area.

I would apply with this source through their online application form, where I would need to attach a current C.V.

2. Reed.co.uk – ‘UK’s no 1 job site’

This site is a useful site when searching for jobs that are relevant to my chosen job as a film-editor, because the site is a collection of many different company job postings, and a search engine that can be made to specify film-editing jobs.

3. Nucleus Arts – Drop-in

A drop-in at the Nucleus Arts Shop, or other similar small creative arts stores is a useful source for job vacancies in retail (creative/digital department), because my interests in the arts and the creative industry would match the requirements of the job description. This type of job vacancy would be ideal as the job description for the Nucleus doesn’t require applicants to have prior experience in retail, which I don’t have.


Peer reviewed by Barry Witham


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