Task 4 – Explanation of Job Vacancies

I found the first job vacancy for retail staff at Apple and/or John Lewis by searching online for large stores that have a digital department, and then searching through their respective websites for a link to the ‘careers’ section.

Following the Apple link through, I found this page:


This page lists Apple’s job description for creative retail staff, going through important information, such as their requirements.

Following the John Lewis link through, I found this page:


This page lists John Lewis’s job description for sales assistants, with a few paragraphs written in order to entice potential employees. It lists in general what requirements they are looking for.

I found the second job vacancy for a film-editor via Reed.co.uk. I utilised the search engine, and set the tags to better suit my experience level. Through the search results, I found this job:


This particular job bests suits my skills as I would describe my skills at film-editing to be ‘all-rounded’, with the ability use multiple editing software, and graphic software such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.

I found the third job vacancy by dropping in at the Nucleus Arts Shop on Rochester High Street, after being told about it by a member of my media group, Ben Fleury, who does part-time work there. I spoke to the manager of the store, and was informed details as to the job description (hours, salary, etc), and found out about the 2 other branches the Nucleus has, which increases my chances of getting a job there. I also found out that to work at the Nucleus, applicants don’t need to have experience working in retail, which similarly increases my chances.

Peer reviewed by Barry Witham


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