Audience, Market and Production Research Table

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Audience Research   Online


20/3/12 BARB is an audience measurement company. It specifically monitors broadcast audiences. This site has useful information on what broadcast audience measurement is and its importance in the media. 20/3/12 RAJAR is an audience measurement company. It specifically monitors radio audiences. This site has useful information on what radio audience measurement is and its importance in the media. 20/3/12 This site is a Wiki-based page on audience research, museums, web 2.0 and the web. Whilst hard to navigate, this site does have a few relevant documents that assist my research. 20/3/12 ARA stands for Audience Research Analysis, and this company advises and guides radio stations based on audience research Through the about pages, I found lots of information on how audience research is managed.!/amaudience


20/3/12 The twitter account for a woman called Lynda Kelly, who works for the Australian Museum. Despite her bio claiming to tweet about audience research, her tweets are specific to museum marketing and aren’t particularly helpful.


20/3/12 A page on the MediaKnowAll website, which breaks down the main characteristics of audience research. As this page is written for students studying GCSE’s, it is written in very easy to understand language, and covers everything involved in audience research, using tables to make it easier to understand.  
Audience Research Date Published: Offline    
James G. Webster, Patricia F. Phalen, Lawrence Wilson Lichty –

Ratings Analysis, The Theory and Practice of Audience Research


2005 A book that covers both the theory and practice of audience research. It studies different types of audience research, and is written for both industry professionals and students of mass media. Categorised into separate chapters, this book explains well the subject of audience research, written in layman’s terms but covering professional techniques and processes.  
Market Research Date Viewed: Online 20/3/12 A company that collects market research and provides relevant information to companies, including: products, trends, regions, and demographics. While this website looks like a very valid source of market research, none of this research is readily available and doesn’t help me understand more about the subject. 20/3/12 An association that claims to be the ‘world’s leading research association’. It serves companies with market, social, and opinion research. The website is nicely built, and gives the impression of a professional team. They work ethic the association has is impressive, and the information is well written and useful. 20/3/12 A UK based research company. They provide a research service for other companies. Ipsos-Mori seems to be one of the leading research companies, with sections of the website explaining the different research techniques they provide, which I found valuable.


20/3/12 This is a search page on It contains the search tag ‘market research’, and lists 142 jobs relevant to that search tag. I found the job descriptions on most of the jobs to be descriptive, helping me to put into context the role of a market researcher. 20/3/12 This is the home page for the Market Research Group, based at Bournemouth University. I didn’t find this website as helpful as the other market research companies’ websites, as it didn’t have as much information on the pages.  
Market Research Date Published: Offline    
Nigel Bradley – Marketing Research: Tools and Techniques 2010 This book discusses the characteristics of market research, including the different ways it is done, and the techniques behind it. As the book is written for University students, it is written in a way that makes it easy-to-understand and process through.  
Edward F. McQuarrie – The Market Research Toolbox


2006 A beginners’ guide to market research. It defines everything related to market research, and talks about cutting edge theories relevant to the topic. Despite portraying itself as a ‘beginners’ guide’, parts of the book are written using complex terminology, which is confusing to a beginner studying market research.  
Production Research Date Viewed: Online 20/3/12 An question and answer, for the question: What is production research?’ The answer is short and understandable, however, it does not relate to my research topic. 20/3/12 This website is a resource center for students, providing academic writing tips. This page is an introduction to production research. This page is written for University and college students, who are studying, and therefore is produced in a way that make it a very helpful research link.  
Production Research Date Published: Offline    
Kathy Chater – Research Media for Production


2002 This book combines all the different sections of media production, talking about how research is an integral part of the process. This mostly covered all the aspects of research in the media industry and in media production, and while didn’t introduce anything new, confirmed for me things I was unsure about.  



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