Psychographic, Demographic, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Table

Source: Date Viewed: Description: Connotations:
Psychographic data Online


21/3/12 An page, showing a definition for the word, ‘psychographics’. This definition gave me an introductory understanding to what psychographics are, but not enough information was provided here.


21/3/12 A market research company that provides market research and analysis for other companies. This is a larger explanation of both psychographics and demographics, written in a way that is easy-to-understand.


21/3/12 A US website explaining the V.A.L.S. segmentation framework. It also contains a V.A.L.S. diagram. This website well describes what VALS means, and it’s usefulness in research.




21/3/12 is a teaching and learning resource for schools and colleges. This page explains psychographic segmentation. I found this page beneficial as it explained fully the socio-economic scale, as well as supplying examples.
Psychographic data Date Published: Offline
Terence A. Shimp – Advertising, promotion, and other aspects of integrated marketing communications 2007 A handbook to the different sectors an individual or group needs to research when starting a business. I found this book very insightful as it covers all the information companies need to find out when conducting market research, and how they use psychographic targeting.
Demographic Data Date Viewed: Online


21/3/12 An interactive US demographic map, where it is able switch between viewing states colour-coded by unemployment rate, population, etc. This page was useful as it confirmed for me what demographic data is, and how necessary it is in research when trying to understand the audience. 21/3/12 A small UK site run by Keith Dugmore, who provides advice to companies on the best ways to research and process demographic data. The definitions on this site of demographics don’t seem to be written fully, which was disappointing after such an impressive web title.


21/3/12 An article from the Economist, discussing how China seems to be suffering from too low of a birth rate. An enlightening example of how demographic research can affect an official article in the media. It also helped show me what particular demographic information is usually used, and in what way.


21/3/12 A demographic infographic on Social Media, with comparisons between gender, age, income, and education on different social networking sites. Another useful example of the necessity of demographic data in research.
Demographic Data Date Published: Offline
The methods and materials of

demography – David Swanson

2004 A book that goes into the study of demography, going into areas such as geographics and statistics. This book contains a lot of useful information that helped me understand more about demography, and how its data is used in research.
Qualitative Data Date Viewed: Online

resined/qualitative methods 2/qualrshm.htm

21/3/12 A post written for Plymouth University students, entitled ‘Qualitative research’. Very detailed and explanatory, defining key subject terminology in a way that makes it understandable to a beginner. 21/3/12 A website for the research software: ‘NVivo9’. This page explains both what qualitative research is, and what qualitative research software does. This is a professionally built website, nicely defining qualitative data, bringing up perspectives and points that haven’t already been brought up in my other research.



21/3/12 A answers page, where the question asks ‘What is Qualitative data?’ The answers provided on the website are mostly unhelpful, not answering the question fully, but the top answer helped me a little.


21/3/12 ESDS Qualidata is a service that collects and stores qualitative datasets, providing research grant award holders to data during their research.


While this page contained lots of interesting information on the legal and ethic considerations of re-using data, it wasn’t relevant to my research.
Qualitative Data Date Published: Offline
Handbook of qualitative research methods

in marketing – Russell W. Belk

2006 A guide to qualitative research, going over the history of it, as well as various theories and case studies. This book is written more for a University academic than a college student, and most of the terminology used was not anything I’d already come across, however, there were some points I found useful.
Quantitative Data Date Viewed: Online


21/3/12 A resource site that supplies businesses with market research data and guides to getting the most out of it. The page on defining quantitative research does this thoroughly, and the comments section at the bottom brings up extra points previously unmentioned.


21/3/12 An online journal about healthcare, which is written by Oxford scientists. A very short, not at all helpful description of what quantitative research is.



21/3/12 A research company that provides a specialist research service for other companies. Another short description of what quantitative research is, which didn’t introduce any new concepts to me.


21/3/12 A search page on a job site, listing all jobs relating to quantitative research. The job descriptions for most of these jobs have given me a better idea of what a quantitative researcher actually does, what their role is in a company.
Quantitative Data Date Published: Offline
Doing Quantitative Research in Education

with SPSS – Daniel Muijs

2008 Lists of statistics that have been derived from quantitative research done in schools, processed through analytical computer software. The beginning section of the book confirmed for me what quantitative data is, and then the tables of statistics gave me a better idea on how the data is used.

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