My time at coFWD has been informative, inspirational and has given me something I didn’t know I needed, a place in a community of like-minded individuals. I’ve gotten and am getting so much out of it, and in many ways, coFWD is more than fulfilling its side in the bargain.

But what about my side? My participation is purely that, participatory-based. I’m a student and can’t afford to contribute financially on a regular basis, and therefore attempt to contribute by doing things such as making teas and coffees, being part of and setting up workshops, and helping with cleaning and decorating around 161.

My problem is trying to balance up the two sides. I sometimes feel as if I’m ‘taking the piss’, that I’m using the space’s facilities too much compared to how much I’m contributing. After having a few conversations with other coworkers, what I’d like to do, and what I’m inviting other participators who feel like I do to do, is to create a system of measurement.

coFWD Credits (working title J), I’ll be able to earn by contributing, with different things earning different amounts of credits, and then ‘spend’ them by spending time at coFWD. For example, painting a wall could earn 5 credits, while hosting a workshop could earn 50.

If you’re interested in joining me on this venture, let me know, and we can cowork on it!


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  1. Sounds great, definitely needs further discussion 🙂

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